Eau Thermale Jonzac
Located between Cognac and Bordeaux, amidst a succession of hills and vineyards, is a beautiful city of history where the Jonzac thermal water was discovered in 1979.

Drawn at a depth of more than 1,850m, this unique incredibly pure water with high mineral content was protected from all types of pollution for more than 40,000 years. After observing the thousands of people taking the water, it became clear the Jonzac thermal water has an efficacy on the skin. This thermal spring water has an effect on skin: scars fade, and skin quality improves.*

In order to confirm its findings, Jonzac carried out numerous efficacy tests on cell models involving direct application to the skin of a panel of volunteers. This is done under dermatological supervision over a period of 5 years. The results were indisputable: Eau Thermale Jonzac has the ability to help skin cells regenerate. Hence, thermal water has been integrated into each and every products of EAU THERMALE JONZAC® to ensure maximum efficacy.*
Hypermineralized and isotonic, the Jonzac thermal water is

For All Skin Types, even Sensitive Skin

Eau thermale Jonzac unique is drawn straight from its original environment, at a depth of more than 1,850m, soft, incredibly pure and with a high mineral content, it has received accreditation from the Académie de Médecine for its efficacy.  

With a rich, balanced mineral content, including calcium, magnesium, and manganese, together with numerous sulphurated elements, it works with the cells, helping them utilise their own resources and activate metabolism for cell renewal. The cells regenerate and skin quality is transformed, day after day.
Eau Thermale Vaporisator 50ml
Eau Thermale Vaporisator 300ml

Organic Thermal Purity

A skincare line to combat excessive sebum and moisturize combination to oily skins, even sensitive. Adapted formulations for a double action:
  • immediate action : astringent and mattifying
  • deep long-lasting action : sebo-regulation
  • Suitable for teenagers - adults

Non-comedogenic - hypoallergenic - rebalance of the oily skins pH
Pure Crème Matifiante
Pure Gel Nettoyant

Reactive Skin Has its Senses on the Alert

A new advance in dermatology, certified organic REactive skincare products provide comfort and help regulate the very source of those factors which cause skin reactions and unpleasant sensations, to raise the skin's tolerance threshold and help prevent them from recurring:
  • Eau thermale de Jonzac, naturally soothing and anti-irritant, blocks neurogenic inflammation which causes unpleasant sensations. Potentiated via the F.P.D. patent, it reaches the very heart of the cells
  • Phytosphingosine inhibits the release of inflammatory agents, responsible for visible reactions on the skin surface.
REactive Eau Micellaire Apaisante
REactive Lait Nettoyant
REactive Crème Riche
REactive Emulsion Légère

An Adapted Anti-Aging Answer

Thanks to the incredible dermotologic qualities of the Jonzac thermal water, the new EAU THERMALE JONZAC® anti-aging line Sublimactive helps fight the silent inflammation of the cells, or inflam'aging.
Sublimactive Contour Yeux
Sublimactive Crème Riche
Sublimactive Soin Léger

The main signs of sensitive skin are insufficient hydration, softness and comfort. Some skincare products provide momentary relief, but fail to restore long-term and lasting hydration and comfort.

The REhydrate range offers a new generation of certified organic rehydrating skin care with twofold efficacy:
Immediate efficacy:
The upper layers of the skin are impregnated with naturally soothing and regenerating Jonzac thermal spring water.

Plant-based glycerin has the ability to slow water evaporation.
Long-lasting efficacy:
The Jonzac thermal spring water helps strengthen the epidermal barrier. Fatty acid esters provide lasting comfort and softness.
REhydrate Gommage Douceur

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