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Time Reverse

Harness your skin’s power —this intensive programme boosts a rejuvenation process that works with its natural repair cycles. Effects include improved firmness and features that look lifted, younger.

Undo the tracks of time. Exclusive to the Time Reverse range, a Swiss secret to intensive re-contouring.

Cellintegrity™ is an antioxidant and DNA protector clinically proven to prevent oxidative stress and enhance cellular longevity.

Developed from raspberry stem cells, this patented compound builds skin density on a dermal level, reversing deep lines, sagging, and volume and contour loss.

Renewing from within, for agelessness that’s not just skin deep.


Complete Your Experience With There Complementary Treatments

With the patented (MP)2 technology, it produces a soothing and therapeutic sensation, improves skin's tautness, reduces wrinkles, resulting in a lasting and healthier glow.

This treatment contains potent apple stem cells extract, vitamin B, C and E which can effectively protect our skin stem cells from stresses caused by UV and create a younger outlook.

Patented Proionic energy invigorates collagen production and cellular regeneration for maximum age defiance.

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