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Time Lock

Protect yourself from the oxidative stress that inevitably starts to show with age. Block out dullness; lock in radiance. This skin care ritual stops the passage of time right in its tracks.

The Time Lock range. Defend against the earliest signs of ageing with the full power of peptides, nature’s growth factors.

Sending repair and regenerate signals to skin on a cellular level, stop pigmentation, volume and elasticity loss, and fine line formation.

Enjoy brightness, firmness, and protection instead.


Complete Your Experience With There Complementary Treatments

Deeply cleansing dead skin and debris, this complete process improves circulation, UV ray resistance, cell renewal and oxygenation.

Three actives combat early ageing — Hydrolysed Elastin slows the ageing process, Marine Collagen prevents connective tissue breakdown, and Trylagen reduces wrinkle depth.

This holistic 360° treatment is power-packed with an infusion of natural formulations such as anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that act on dark spots, insuring skin against future spots and UV damage for a perfectly illuminated complexion.

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