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Biostem Age Element Essence (2 syringes x 3ml)


Water-free formulation which encourages the stability of the active ingredients & minimizes skin irritations. Promotes wound healing. Platinum colloid is used as the carrier base which helps to deliver products directly to the skin cells thereby reducing down time (post operative procedures) and preventing any undesirable side effects like inflammations, sensitivities etc


Skin that has undergone intensive therapies e.g. laser, microdermabrasion, derma rollers, peels. Option to use immediately after intensive treatments e.g. micro-needles in the centres.

  1. Contains nano platinum particles suspended in solution.

  2. Is designed to act like a GPS system - carrying actives through the skin layers and delivering them directly to the skin cells - creating a direct and prompt impact to the skin tissues - with the production of collagen (the building-blocks of youthful skin) whilst also preventing DNA damage to the skin and visibly reducing the signs of ageing instantly - fine lines and wrinkles quickly disappear & skin elasticity is improved.

  1. Snail secretion extract
    Snails have been known to never suffer from the environment that surrounds them, even after slithering through the roughest of surfaces. The serum secreted by these land snails have powerful antioxidants which protect them from an atmosphere full of oxygen radical. It is touted as a high intensity age-defying ingredient which prevents the formation of scars, wrinkles.

  2. ACSE (Amniotic derived stem cells conditioned media)
    Builds cell regeneration & renewal, achieving collagen rebuilding & increased skin’s firmness & immunity

  3. Peptide complex
    reduces redness (erythema)

  4. Hydrolysed collagen
    Helps support collagen network

  5. Ginseng extracts
    Powerful antioxidant with soothing effect, ideal for reducing inflammation

After intensive procedure, this essence is used with transdermal device like SRS for optimum benefits – to reduce redness & inflammation. Use 1 syringe in the salon.

The other remaining syringe can be used as homecare, focusing on the inflamed/irritated parts to soothe, heal & rejuvenate. Use after cleansing & toning.

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