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Q: I see my skin sagging as I grow older and the wrinkles and pigmentation seer to be settling in at a faster rate. How do I achieve younger, firmer skin without the drastic step of plastic surgery or laser resurfacing?

A: Bella Advanced Dew Therapy is a treatment which transforms dehydrated, dull or sagging skin to a luminous, brighter and firmer complexion after just one session! Rich in vitamin C and complex B, its hydrating and lifting effects are both immediate and long lasting.

Q: I have very oily skin and am very prone to breaking out in pimples. As a result, the appearance of my skin is dull, coarse with obvious open pores and blemishes. How can I achieve flawless appearance?

A: Bella Clear Defense+Solution is the best choice of treatment for your problem. The treatment eliminates harmful bacterial through an anti-bacterial action that’s combined with herbal and mineral complexes. At the same time, it tones and revitalises the skin using the innovation power of light and heat technology. In addition, it also stimulates the production of collagen that helps to smoothen the look of fine lines, minimizes open pores and rebalances over-active oil glands.

Q: I suffer from dark eye rings which tend to make my eyes look puffy and tired. To make things worse, they tend to accentuate the crow’s feet around my eyes. What can I do to make my eyes look more revived?

A: Stress and lack of sleep normally contribute to the appearance of dark eye rings and bags. Blood circulation and toxin elimination becomes sluggish, resulting in the retention of excess water around the eye zone, hence the eye bags. Bella Eye Therapy helps alleviate these conditions by improving blood circulation through relaxing lymphatic drainage massages. With the aid of micro-current technology, the skin around the eye zone looks firmer and more elastic.

Q: I have read so much about the effectiveness of Bella Depilux™ Hair Free System over traditional methods like waxing or shaving. How safe is this treatment? And how long does it last?

A: With Bella Depilux™ Hair Free System, you can say goodbye to razors, creams, and painful waxing. It is a technology that utilises high intensity light that disable the regeneration of the hair follicles. With a few sessions, you can solve the problem of unwanted hair effectively and painlessly. The system is safe and reliable. Bella have been the expert for over 22 years and the process is fully handled and supervised by medical professionals.

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